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"Spell DOG backwards and see what you get."  God got his dog back on 6/713

Deborah Dolen's Dog Ringo

Flying Ringo from Wilma after Katrina

The unclaimed red Golden Retriever swam through Katrina and was picked up by Louisiana State University's Veterinarian Center.  After being unclaimed for a long period of time, the dog was sent to Plantation, Florida and adopted by Deborah Dolen in Sarasota, FL, bestselling DIY author on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well as Editor in Chief for the Mabel DIY Corporation.  Bradenton, FL Florida, and attend Deborah Dolen's book signing in Sarasota FL December 14th, 2011.

*The head sets were because the plane was too loud for his ears, and so he could talk to air traffic control better!  Continued below...


Bradenton Farmer's Market Visit

Tips for Dog Owners

Ringo's Curriculum Vitae

Ringo in H-IKE

  • Great Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Clean Plate Clubber
  • Ladies Man (If you happen to have a cute poodle)
  • Swam through Katrina
  • Dealt with Wilma
  • Great Swimmer!
  • Hobbies:  Watching "Dog Whisperer" on the National Geographic Channel. Cesar Milan is cool.  He rehabs dogs and trains people.

Presently:  Working on finding Deborah's cat since I landed, while my Mom writes totally el boro boro books all day.

See my mom's writing on the loyalty of the Earth Quake Dogs, this one in Sendai, Japan.

Join me on twitter! I follow back for a biscuit! I am the Alpha and the Omega. I rule everything [ until my mom Deborah Dolen comes home].




Pilot named Dan Fleming volunteered to make a one hour flight to Ft. Lauderdale and pick up Ringo.  Dolphin Aviation is located in Sarasota FL at  the Sarasota International Airport.


Continued Ringo's flight from Ft. Lauderdale Executive Center to Dolphin Aviation Sarasota

Before Deborah Dolen could retrieve "Ringo" Hurricane Wilma hit South Florida leaving most of the Animal Rescue's without electricity. Gas pumps could not work because they needed electric.  A frantic cell phone call was made from the Plantation Veterinarian to Deborah Dolen. 

Dolphin Aviation pitched in and a pilot named Dan Fleming volunteered to make a one hour flight to Ft. Lauderdale and pick up Ringo.  Since the plane would be empty heading to the devastated area, Deborah Dolen quickly got a few hundred pounds of dog treats, coffee and creamer (the Veterinarians and staff mentioned they sure could use,) as well as tons of soap and candles for the Salvation Army.  Deborah also donated children's activities to the Salvation Army such as coloring books and crayons.  The companies who gave huge product to Deborah Dolen in minutes include Albertson's, Public, Winn Dixie,  Petland (NOT PETSMART at all!,) and Starbucks.  These companies who gave were very generous--not giving slack items and Mabel White DIY donated a lot of craft items.  They boxed up GOOD STUFF!

Twitter Notes


Dog Treats Recipes

Canine Rescue Flights ORG


Deborah Dolen

The flight went well and Deborah Dolen noticed the whole area of Ft. Lauderdale looked like corn fields that a tornado hit.  They were not corn fields, they were huge forests of trees.  Not to  mention trailer parks and homes totally obliviated.  What was not obliviated was tarped in blue, as they flew low most of the trip.  Ringo is home safe in Sarasota, Fl, and continued efforts to still send supplies down to the Wilma area will not be forgotten.  The Vet Rescues were aware Deborah Dolen had lost her former Golden Retriever, Jasmine, because Jasmine heroically protected Deborah from a violent crime at 3:00 AM when she was sleeping summer of 2005. 

Bayshore Animal Hospital in Bradenton, FL is one of the best facilities for any kind of animals.  Big birds too! Dr. Mossler and the late Dr. Beamer ran the clinic were two of the best vets in the state.   Pam, Rose and Carol do an awesome job negotiating the very busy, but kept well clean practice.  They can be reached at (941) 756-5544.  Photo Dan Fleming Pilot for Ringo taken by Deborah Dolen.  Photo top of Deborah R. Dolen flying Ringo home with her rescue dog.

 Deborah Dolen      Deborah Dolen

RIP My Love Ringo

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Green Alfalfa Dog Treat Recipe

(makes 8 big treats and 16 small treats)

(For Teeth and Digestion)

2 Cups (280g) store bought Bran Muffin Mix

2 cups of Mint Tea (450 ml)

1/2 Cup of Peanut Butter (70g)

1/2 Cup of Alphalfa (70g)

1/2 cup of Vegetable Glycerin (70g)

1/2 Cup of Rolled Oats or Oatmeal

1 egg

1 Teaspoon of Flax seed oil (Optional)

2 Crushed Glucosamine and Chondroitin Tablets (optional)

   Combine thoroughly and either put into the new silicone cupcake molds or spread evenly on a bake pan at least 1 inch high.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes and remove to cool.  Cut into shapes and place back in the oven with the heat off to harden for a few hours.

*Alfalfa contains more Chlorophyll than any other plant and is why pets try to eat grass when not feeling well.



Click here for Deborah Dolen's latest "No Bake" Dog Treat Greenie Recipe great for even kids to make up - very healthy and saves a lot of dough !


Ringo's Beefy Dog Treat Recipe

(makes 8 big treats and 16 small treats)

(For Good Blood)

2 Cups (280g) store bought Corn Muffin Mix

2 cups of Beef Broth (450 ml)

1 Cup of Rolled Oats or Oatmeal

1/2 cup of Vegetable Glycerin (70g)

1 Cup Whole What Flour

1 egg

1 Teaspoon Flax Seed Oil (Optional)

Contents of one or two Golden Seal Root capsules

Contents of one or two Echinacea capsules


Chicken broth can also be used to substitute for beef in this recipe.  Combine thoroughly and either put into the new silicone cupcake molds or spread evenly on a bake pan at least 1 inch high.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes and remove to cool.  Cut into shapes and place back in the oven with the heat off to harden for a few hours.

*The Glycerin is great for dogs and helps a lot with making the treats hard and easy to mold.



Ringo Dawg's notes about Twitter February 7th, 2010

Twitter Deborah Dolen @RingoDawg @DeborahDolen and @Mabel_White will follow you too-generally just by picking you up in my followers! 

I think Twitter is a great long term strategy for any person or business as a base form of communication.  Consider it a tool. Click here for a new and  very in-depth article I wrote about "How to Market Your Book or Product" which comes up #1 out of half a billon for that phrase on Google. Why? It is a quality and free article.  Back to my love for Twitter...

I love Twitter because I can say short things to keep my friends and followers updated and not feel obligated to write a novel-so it saves me time across the board.  I also get to see the same from my friends without picking up a phone - to discover neat facts going on at their house or in their lives.

Twitter and Page Rank

With Twitter [as well as Google searches and page rank] Quality of follower not quantity of followers is important to rank high because you can bet everyone and their brother is harvesting a Twitter account.  This applies to your content as well as who you have following you-meaning keep it real and keep it quality.  This means you linking to someone influential who is also linking back to you.  At the end of this article are some good bets.

Twitter does scream your page rank right up there because it is more a news and RSS platform.  And the more influential Twitter people you have following you the more you go up in page rank.  I saw my name page rank go up in five hours instead of five weeks.  I thought I was seeing things.

Another reason to be a little prudent on who you do follow is because [shocker] when you have asked about 1,000 followers - you are limited as to how many you can follow-it has to be in proportion (whatever that means).  Then you are sorry you have all those junkers on your list.  Be prudent and pick influential twitter people who follow back.  Make Twitter a long term goal like "by Christmas of 2010 I will be Twitter King." 

Writing you own content is very powerful and where most people falter.  The more of your own thoughts you post the more you will have a following-more so if you are focused on specific topics.  Sadly a great photo does attract followers.

Deborah Dolen

How to Screen for Quality?

Basically I do not follow anyone who did not bother to put up a photo--even if they are following me.  That is a good and fast way to tell-unless they are my personal friend.

I do take time out once  awhile to whack those who just throw content automated ads up there and make me dizzy-it generally means they have no followers I really wanted anyway.  My time is of value too and automated adds kind of makes a statement it is not of value.

I scope SamsClubDeals and other solid sources for who I follow.  When they say "you are what you eat" - well you are what you follow too.

In the early days I searched people for "follow" in their description.  Put I follow back in your address profile. 

Be weary of the automated people wanting your password and offering to give you thousands of follows.  They work to a small extent-but everyone knows you have a following of spam crap.  Just go slow and do it the right way-and mean it when you do it! So when you brag you have a Twitter account it is a really quality one that took time to build.

The faster you follow back the quicker you will get followers.  Weird but true.  And afternoons are the busiest time to say what you have to say and get exposure.  Last note, if you were to drop all of your followers to look good-80% would leave over a few week period.  Twitter is a very reciprocal relationship unless you are truly posting RSS info or a  rock star and even Metallica does follow me!

THE Ringo Dawg! 

@RingoDawg @DeborahDolen and @MabelWhiteDIY will follow you too-generally just by picking you up in my followers!  Please join @MabelWhiteDIY as courtesy. 

Click here for Deborah Dolen's favorite 20 Twitter people!

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